We suggest the following common sense guidelines to help you avoid potential scammers:

  • NEVER wire money to a buyer or seller through services like Western Union or MoneyGram: those asking you to do so are scammers.
  • NEVER accept a "check" for more than the value of your car. The scammers will ask that you send back the difference and then the check you received will be determined to be a fake and you will be held responsible by the bank that cashed it.
  • SellMyCar.com does NOT get involved in any transactions: we don't handle payments, provide guarantees or certifications, delivery or serve as any kind of escrow agent.
  • Don't buy a vehicle sight-unseen. If the price seems too good to be true, it is.

DELETE all emails or other inquiries that request or offer any of the following:

  • asks for your personal or financial information for any reason
  • represents sender as a warehousing or shipping service
  • requests partial payment up front, with a promise to ship
  • recommends a particular escrow service to use.

If you see an ad that looks suspicious, please let us know: